• LeTip of Center City

    To help those in need during the holiday season!!

  • sheila anne magee

    I started buying pies from MANNA after my brother died. He was the pie maker in the family and no one wanted to used his receipes because it was too fresh in our hearts & minds. I saw an ad for Pie in the Sky & started buying pies. After a few years, I de

    sheila anne magee
    Pie seller for 4 years
  • Sherry Valente

    MANNA is one of my favorite organizations and everyone loves pie so why not help a great cause and eat some pie!

    Sherry Valente of Traveling Carrot
    Pie seller for 16 years
  • Emily Gallagher

    It ain't no lie baby Pie, Pie, Pie!

    Emily Gallagher
    Pie seller for 3 years
  • Laura Payne

    Pie in the Sky is an incredible example of what can happen when the entire city unites for a great cause!

    Laura Payne
    Pie seller for 2 years
  • Davita Butler

    MANNA is a huge help to people with life threatening illnesses. As Assistant Manager of distribution, many clients have express to me how convenient and delicious the meals are.

    Davita Butler
    Pie seller for 5 years
  • Dan Getman

    I sell pies because I LOVE the MANNA mission!

    Dan Getman
    Pie seller for 4 years
  • Jim Moore

    I sell pies because I believe in MANNA's mission and support the wonderful staff who work there.

    Jim Moore of FarmHouse Studios
    Pie seller for 9 years
  • Robert  McCoy D.D.S.

    We sell pies to give back to those less fortunate.

  • Carlin D'Alessandro

    We want to help Manna! MANNA prepares & delivers nourishing meals & counsel, empowering individuals to battle illness & improve their quality of life.

  • Diane Holland

    We live, work and do business in many communities around the world, combining the strength of our business, resources and people to make these communities better today and for generations to come.

  • Rachel Ezekiel-Fishbein

    This is a fun, easy way to make sure everyone has a special Thanksgiving dinner, and my friends who participate get something in return -- a delicious MANNA pie.

    Rachel Ezekiel-Fishbein
    Pie seller for 4 years
  • Wendy Stupp

    In honor of my daughter Rebecca.

    Wendy Stupp
    First-time pie seller
  • Sister Regina Flanigan

    why wouldn't I??? such a marvelous outreach and so needed!

  • Stephen Westover

    I have been involved with Manna Pie in the Sky for several years now. A pie for a good cause... what's not to like?

    Stephen Westover
    Pie seller for 6 years
  • Ann Hoskins-Brown

    I sell pies for MANNA because I believe in the Food as Medicine movement and see the incredible impact that nourishment has on our clients' health and well being!

    Ann Hoskins-Brown
    Pie seller for 12 years
  • Susan Cieszynski

    Marcum LLP sells pies because we support and believe in the Manna Mission!

    Susan Cieszynski of Marcum LLP
    Pie seller for 2 years
  • Leigh Nunno

    To say "Thank You" to our clients and donate to Manna clients.

  • Sarah Zulueta

    The pies are delicious and I believe in the mission of Manna! I think it is a great project and goes to awesome organization so anything I can do to promote it I will!

    Sarah Zulueta
    Pie seller for 7 years
  • Olivia Gillison

    I sell MANNA pies because they're absolutely delicious and MANNA works hard everyday to provide support and meals to families in need. I can't think of a better way to help giveback to those in your own community.

    Olivia Gillison
    Pie seller for 11 years
  • Karleigh Rose Pettit

    I sell pies as part of Team Young MANNA Friends because after celebrating 25 wonderful years, I know we are the foundation for MANNA's success for the next quarter century. Are you a young professional? Do you like pie? Join us!

    Karleigh Rose Pettit
    Pie seller for 4 years
  • Mandi Heims

    The proceeds of these delicious pies goes to a worthy cause. Folks who are ill need nutrition the most!

    Mandi Heims of AKRF / GreenUp
    Pie seller for 19 years
  • Pat Taylor

    I love Manna

    Pat Taylor
    Pie seller for 9 years
  • Stephen Chase

    Because MANNA does amazing work and It's an important mission.

    Stephen Chase
    Pie seller for 10 years
  • Christina Walters

    Great organization and great tasting pies.

    Christina Walters
    First-time pie seller
  • Dorothy Hanrahan

    I care about MANNA and the goal of this fundraiser - buy a pie, feed a family this Thanksgiving! It's that simple.

    Dorothy Hanrahan
    Pie seller for 4 years
  • Debra Rosenfeld

    Manna helps thousands of people battle life-threatening illness. The meals are made with love bringing nourishment and support to those who need it most. They help patients learn to manage their diseases and dietary needs for a healthier future.

    Debra Rosenfeld
    First-time pie seller
  • Kate Wilber

    Because what else could make a pie taste better than also raising money for a good cause??

    Kate Wilber
    First-time pie seller
  • Rosemary Connors

    I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here! What better way to express our gratitude for all we have by giving back to those in need of our help. Thank you for your support!

    Rosemary Connors
    Pie seller for 3 years
  • Walter Tsou

    Manna supports nutrition services for some of the sickest residents in the area. Their work is lifesaving for so many. I like pies and I am both a seller and a buyer.

    Walter Tsou
    Pie seller for 5 years
  • Karen Ebbert

    MANNA is a great organization well worth supporting. And who doesn't like pie? Their pies are delicious! If using my influence online and in my local community can help the MANNA mission by selling pies, I am all in!

    Karen Ebbert
    First-time pie seller
  • Sue Daugherty

    These pies help to save lives!

    Sue Daugherty
    Pie seller for 18 years
  • Amy Miller

    I believe in MANNA's mission...and they're delicious!

    Amy Miller
    Pie seller for 11 years
  • Jennifer Tinney

    I want to raise as much money as possible so people can get the proper nourishment they deserve!

    Jennifer Tinney
    First-time pie seller
  • Philly Gay Calendar

    MANNA is such an amazing organization and their pies are incredible

    Philly Gay Calendar
    Pie seller for 5 years
  • Nicole Laverty

    I sell pies to support the MANNA mission in helping our community members who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses and are at acute nutritional risk.

    Nicole Laverty
    Pie seller for 10 years
  • Robert Drake

    As one of the MANNA Sweet Sixteen that served on the first Board of Directors back in 1990, the org has been close to my heart ever since. Anything I can do to help them help others is a win/win <3 BUY A PIE! DEADLINE FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18

    Robert Drake
    Pie seller for 20 years
  • Daniel Barasa

    Selling pies before Thanksgiving is MANNAs largest fundraiser each year and this year the goal is to raise over $250K during the campaign. Money raised will be used to deliver a Thanksgiving meal for four, to the organizations clients that they help.

    Daniel Barasa
    First-time pie seller
  • Zilong Zhao

    'To improve the health, well-being, and sense of security for the people we serve.'

    Zilong Zhao of Cigna
    First-time pie seller
  • Heidi Lewis

    To raise money for MANNA and to give the pies I buy to those who receive a MANNA Thanksgiving meal.

    Heidi Lewis
    Pie seller for 5 years
  • Dianne Scelza

    I am pleased to support MANNA's mission in preparing and delivering nutritious meals to neighbors battling chronic, serious illnesses in the Greater Phila and So. Jersey area. #FoodIsMedicine

    Dianne Scelza
    First-time pie seller
  • Jimmy Contreras

    I love MANNA! I have volunteered in different capacities with this incredible organization for the last 16 years. Pie in the Sky is one of my favorite fundraisers of the year. #foodismedicine

    Jimmy Contreras
    First-time pie seller
  • Anne Petela

    great cause! great pies!

    Anne Petela of The Wharton School
    First-time pie seller
  • O3 World

    Support and great cause that helps people and eat tasty pies.

    O3 World of O3 World
    Pie seller for 2 years
  • Bryan Ramona

    The organization is amazing, the product is great, the need is even greater, and you ALL are going to consume SOME pie on Thanksgiving... admit it! So why not make that pie purchase count for something so much more? I'm proud to try to do my part to help.

    Bryan Ramona of TechWise Group
    Pie seller for 8 years
  • cathy weiss

    Because bringing nutrition to people suffering from life-threatening illness is the most basic human service a community must provide. No-one does this more efficiently or effectively than Manna.

    cathy weiss
    Pie seller for 6 years
  • Adrian Glass

    I sell pies to support MANNA's mission, which is providing 3 meals a day, 7 days a week to individuals battling life-threatening illnesses in the greater Philadelphia and southern New Jersey region!

    Adrian Glass
    Pie seller for 2 years
  • Nicole Linehan

    We sell PIES - because we believe in MANNA & know that food is medicine!

    Nicole Linehan of Evolve IP
    Pie seller for 10 years
  • Joan Ivanoski

    I believe that this is one of the best causes that I have had the opportunity to support.

    Joan Ivanoski
    Pie seller for 3 years
  • Judy Clapper Palestini

    It's a "win win" event. Buyers get to eat a delicious holiday pie and the proceeds feed Manna's clients.

    Judy Clapper Palestini
    Pie seller for 10 years
  • Allan and Reid Schimmel/Reames

    To honor Reid's devotion to the work of MANNA

    Allan and Reid Schimmel/Reames
    Pie seller for 13 years
  • Meg Rider

    MANNA does awesome work in our community. Food is medicine!

    Meg Rider
    Pie seller for 14 years
  • Allison Coia

    I sell pies for Manna because I give Thanks for everything I have on Thanksgiving. Some people are less fortunate and need our help on a daily basis. Thats what the MANNA Miracle is all about  delivering nourishment to those battling life threat

  • SEI Investments

    When our employees buy pies, we know we will be providing nutritious, life sustaining meals to MANNA clients. SEI employees have purchased more than 1,000 pies over the past 10 years!

    SEI Investments
    Pie seller for 6 years
  • Robert Nonemacker

    I sell pies because I believe in MANNA's mission of food is medicine.

    Robert Nonemacker
    Pie seller for 5 years