Allan and Reid Schimmel/Reames

Allan and Reid Schimmel/Reames
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To honor Reid's devotion to the work of MANNA

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Pie seller for 14 years

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We are selling pies to support MANNA. Every pie sold through Pie in the Sky will help MANNA provide nourishing, life-sustaining meals to hundreds of people in the greater Philadelphia region who are coping with illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, renal disease and diabetes. And now that Reid is in hospice care, he, too, is benefitting from MANNA's great nutrition service - its meals.  For more info about MANNA visit
Oh...and don't forget to place your order by Friday, November 20th. These MANNA pies are delicious and will be ready for pickup, just in time for Thanksgiving.

We really would appreciate your support for MANNA this year - in honor of Reid

Allan and Reid 

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