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Everyone should have the food they need to heal. And you should have pie.

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Hi friends,

Thanks for stopping by my seller page. The pie(s) you buy will help MANNA provide healthy, life-sustaining meals every day for clients battling illness, and they will enable MANNA to deliver a hot, delicious, gourmet Thanksgiving dinner for each of our clients to enjoy with their families. So as you dig in to the best pie you've ever bought, you'll know that someone nearby is thankful for another day of better health, and a holiday meal that you helped bring to their table. That slice of pie will taste amazing, but I promise that it will be your role in sharing the holiday with a family who truly needed it that you will appreciate long after the last bite.

Your pie purchase brings nourishment to MANNA's clients, who are people in the Philadelphia area  living with illnesses like cancer, renal disease, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes. They need to eat healthy meals in order to heal, and without MANNA, many of them would simply be unable to do so. Because of MANNA's meals, supported by generous pie-eaters like you, our clients have healthy, homemade meals three times per day, seven days per week.

Want to know more about MANNA? Check out our website at to learn about our medically-tailored meals, and how MANNA meals help our clients heal.

Oh...and don't forget to place your order by Friday, November 17th. These MANNA pies are delicious and will be ready for pickup, just in time for Thanksgiving!

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